Thursday, 10 July 2008

Thanks for your best wishes Elaine, they're much appreciated, Bob.Day five on the Pennine (not so) Wet has been much better, the best day so far. I'm feeling much stronger now and so I'm able to push on for several miles at a time without needing to take a break.Today I could have lingered as the walking was good as was the weather but everyone I met told me this wasn't going to stay this way so I pressed on in the hope that I could beat the rain. I was intending to stay the night at Hawes but decided to go o couple of miles further to Hardraw. This meant me missing out on fish and chips but I made up for ir when I got here by having a pint of cider, I think after the days walk I enjoyed the cider more than I would the chips anyway. I'm camped up at the back of the pub so I think I may pop back for another one before I turn in for the night. I arrived here just in time to beat the rain, I got my tent up and went to look at the highest waterfall in England which is in the grounds of the pub, by the time I got back it was spitting with rain, now its throwing it down but I don't mind as long as its stopped by the morning.I spent quite awhile walking with a Dutch man today, he too is walking alone so I think it was nice for us both to have some company. I've not seen the man and two boys today, they were in the same camp as me last night and were till there when I left this morniing.So tonight I'm camped near to the highest waterfall in England and with luck tomorrow night I will be camped next to the highest pub in England.

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