Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Day 3 wet wet wet

Day three on the Pennine Way has been wet, so there is nothing new to report there. Today its been showers more than persistant rain, this meant putting on waterproofs and taking them off on a regular basis until I got fed up and took shelter if there was any. I usually managed to find a tree to hide behind or a bridge to hide under and if it wasn't raining too hard I just ignored it as the heat from my body soon dried it from my clothes.I've seen the guy with his son's a couple of times today, they travel faster than me so we tend to keep passing each other along the way, we even had a little joke this afternoon, I'd always seen him as an over serious person up to then. I think they must have found a different campsite to me because they aren't on this one.Today the way has been mostly across farm land as I crossed the Aire Gap. My legs are starting to feel much stronger, most hills I can plod up now without needing to keep taking a breather. The rucksac is the worst problem at the moment as it weighs really heavt at times, I think some of that is because of all the water in everything. I had to pack my tent up wet this morning so that was extra weight to start with.I managed tp phone home this morning and got a nice surprise. As you know Vicki is coming to spend the weekend with me, the good news is that she is now going to be staying the whole week with me. I will carry on the walk of course but instead of spending everynight on my own in this stupid little tent I will spend it with Vicki in a B&B. The bad news for you of course is that she won't be able to keep you posted on my progress. Never mind I willl be able to do it when I get back.As I arrived in Malham tonight I was approached by three young giirls looking for the campsite, after consulting my map I Ipointed them in the right direction before setting off there myself, from the noise they are making it seems they have bags of energy left.

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