Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Friday 11th it could not have been any wetter

Day seven on the Pennine Wet was WET! If anyone thought this was going to be a picnic they were wrong, there are no teddy bears around here. This is trial by water, day in, day out. There is nothing I have with me that isn't wet by some degree. Even my boots gave up the fight today which was understandable because for the whole 20 miles of todays walk one or the other of them has been up to the ankle in mud and water. It hasn't stopped raining for one minute since I set off to the time of writing this. I've seen no one all day apart from the family guy sticking his head out of his tent when I left thiis morning, then when I got here a kind lady in the caravan next to my tent made me a cup of tea.Unfortunately I have to go now ass the battery is nearly out on my PDA. There will be no more updates for a few days now until Vicki returns home. Bob.

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