Saturday, 1 May 2010

What Planet Are They From?

Hello everyone,

As some of you know we in the UK are enduring the build up to a general election at the moment. As I've said before I refuse to watch news broadcasts on the grounds that they are nothing more than media propaganda shows that are broadcast to manipulate people in certain directions, a bit like a sheep dog. Anyway the thing is that from time to time I can’t help but notice an item of news however much I try to avoid it, which just goes to prove how bombarded we are by it. I logged out of my Yahoo account just now and there in front of me was this statement by our present prime minister,

'Asked whether the transport budget would be among the areas targeted for cuts if Labour won on May 6, Mr Brown responded: "We are going to be moving from road to rail so you will not see the same levels of expenditure on roads.'

Well on reading that I involuntary burst out laughing because he’s obviously not been driving along South Yorkshire roads of late, or at least not the country lanes because if they reduce spending on these roads any further they will be just dirt tracks! The thing that gets me is that the roads are full of pot holes so where do they put all the tarmac? In great heaps in and around housing estates (So called sleeping policeman) and such places so that one minute you’re driving over big holes the next over big heaps of tarmac, maybe one day someone will have the brains to realise that if they put the mounds in the holes things might run much more smoothly for the same expenditure. Maybe if they weren’t using our money to buy their second homes and packets of Polo’s etc they would be able to finance both road and rail at the same time. As for rail travel I would like to see Gordon Brown, or anyone else for that matter try and get from here to Askern and back five days a week by train, you've got a 3 mile walk before you even see a train, not sure how far a walk it would be at the other end. To me that shows how out of touch these idiots are and what a waste of time voting for any of them is.

Anyway thats enough of this rubbish, I promise not to blight this blog again with election crap.


Sara said...

Oh, but I'd love to read more of your election crap. It is so nice to know it doesn't just happen in my neighborhood!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Agree about potholes - we are inundated with them in North Yorkshire too Bob. They come round with a little wagon of warm tarmac and fill in the potholes when they have a bit to spare - a fortnight later it has all come out again.
As for moving towards using the railways - we've all known that for the last fifty years - it was just Dr Beeching who didn't seem to know.
I too am sick of elections and am totally and completely sickened by all their trite talk.

Chicken lover said...

I (not through choice) have had to start using the train network on a regular basis since Feb and although in principle it seems like a great idea the reality is something else. For starters the local network does not run frequently enough to link in with the national network so the luxury of parking near to the station costs a mere £11 per day! I have found an alternative site for £3 but would not use in the darker months of the year. Public behaviour on rail travel also leaves a lot to be desired! Don't even get me started on the ticket costs.........

Dame Judi said...

Please, no apologies.

Those of us who live in the U.S. (having our own idiot politicians of great numbers) appreciate hearing the real word from real people about your government's goings on.

So for one, I thank you for your words.