Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another Late Frost

This morning I've woken to a quite a keen frost. Over the past few years we seem to have avoided such late frosts but I think this year we are back to the times before global warming when the golden rule was not to plant out tender plants before the last week of May.


Layanee said...

Ahhh, and we had one also in New England.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. its been a while im back .

BRRRRr. were supposed to get our 1st frost tonight low of 1 c high 15c tomorrow
winter sure comming in with a rush.

Anonymous said...

Last weekend in May is definitely the rule here for planting out. Then praying not to have another frost until at least September. We actually had our first frost-free night last night and today the mosquitoes were already upon me. They can't afford to waste time either.

EB said...

- ah, I never heard that golden rule. My garden notebook suggested no major frost after the start of May - and I was quite wrong (well, I was right that that's all I'd experienced, but that's only about 3 years' worth...)