Saturday, 8 May 2010

Todo List For Week 19.

These are some of the jobs I hope to get done next week, as you will notice there are no jobs for Friday as yet, I don't have the day off, I just haven't got round to adding any jobs yet.

10 th
Feed wallflowers

Fork rose beds

Tidy the rock garden

Tidy up the Japanese garden

Tidy window borders

Trim the ivy

Weed gravel by the summer house

11 th
Dig out the artichoke.

Dig over the west shrub border

Finish off the west wall border

Hoe the memorial garden rose beds

Tidy up round the lily pond

Top dress plants on east wall

Top dress raspberries

Top dress the gooseberries

Weed bottom of big conifer hedge

12 th
Apply Fertiliser to Courtyard beds

Apply fertiliser to North Front roses

Cut down rubbish

Edge the borders

Edge the grass

Strim round

Tidy back borders

13 th
Mow all the lawns

Mow rough grass

Mow the Courtyard grass

Mow the main lawn

Mow the North Front

See to the bins

1 comment:

Chicken lover said...

wish my list for the week looked like yours instead it will go something like this;
rail travel, meetings, coming up with ways of giving bad news on sensitive issues to folk, car service but on a positive note I have the Derbyshire countryside and my garden/family to go home to - happy gardening!