Friday, 14 May 2010

Oh Lord Please Give Me Patience.

This is one of the questions I just got asked, 'have you had any training on how to lift weights'. I could see Dick Dastardly grinning and I couldn't keep a straight face. I mean for goodness sake I've done manual labour from even before I left school if I don't know how to lift things by now I should just give up. She then asked what weights do I lift, I was dumb struck by this point and all I could think of was the weight of the shopping that Vicki brought home last night so I said, 'about 5 or 6 Asda carrier bags full of shopping'. Everyone laughted, even Danger Nanny. She then went on to explain the 25kg is the recomemded weight for one person to lift.

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Matron said...

Ah, that dreaded health and safety millstone that employers have to embrace. My health and safety training at work involved lifting a box of photocopier paper!!(that was an 8 hour day!) Grit your teeth Bob!

EB said...

Who would train you? Are you supposed to be sent off on a course?? 25kg - well it depends. Our dog weighs 23 and she's ok to lift so long as she keeps still! My husband's main amp is 32kg, but big and awkward - it's horrible to lift.