Friday, 14 May 2010


Well I am SO angry at this intrusion in to MY life that it's best I if I don't say another word until I feel better. If the boss wasn't around I wouldn't even bother to stay until clocking off time because I just can't be bothered anymore.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Bob,
Now you've really got me wondering. I hope things are going to be alright for you.
Still enjoying your blog, thank you for all your pictures too.
Elaine in Canada

fireweedmeadow said...

Oh dear, hang in there! I do hope they haven't imposed any new idiotic rules for you to follow, or worse, provided you with triple carbon copy paperwork to be filled out during the ample spare time these people imagine we have (we, unlike them, being the ones who actually have to work for a living and get things accomplished.)

Sara said...

I hope you cool down soon. I am eager to hear more about the danger nanny's visit!

Hope Tommy brings you a beer tonight.

EB said...

Oh dear, I had a feeling it might go this way. I hope,erm - not sure what to realistically hope for. I hope you find a way of dealing with the rubbish.

Jim said...

Oh Bob, I hope things are better by now. I know it is bedtime in the U.K. and surely you smoothed this problem out.

I could only think of one idiotic suggestion. That would be to write up a procedure for washing off the volcanic dust and acid (if there might be acid, I don't know).
In the Army we were doing things like this. They called it making Plan B.

Your Plam Treo Smartphone sounds nice. Mrs. Jim has a Palm but she didn't get the Internet with it, nor e-mail. She talks and texts.
BTW, I generally rinse of the slugs that I eat. It is like eating oysters. They could be cooked but fresh ones are good once in a while. :)

Rebecca said...

Oh golly Bob, i hope your blood pressure doesn't go sky high.
Maybe you can take a yoga class??

Sorry you are upset.

i've not been blogging for a long time. Good to pop in and see you again.