Sunday, 9 May 2010

Sing For Sunday (Week 18).

During my time at work, particularly during the more tedious jobs (and when I feel like being anti-social) I will listen to music on my Sony Clie PDA or phone so I thought that on a Sunday as there is no gardening to be done I would share with you one of the songs I’ve enjoyed during the past week. I know you aren’t supposed to broadcast music and stuff but the video’s are from Youtube so are already there for people to see so I don’t think my little weekly addition will bankrupt any pop stars, also a lot of what I listen too is by has beens or never beens so who knows, maybe someday someone who reads this might like something and by it for themselves.

So this weeks song is called ‘Vigilante Man’ and is taken from an album called ‘Sweet Nothings’ and in this case is performed by Chihana Ohnishi. I was originally listening to it being sung by someone else and came across but I quite like this version and also the album that it’s from so I chose to put this link on here and not the one I originally intended.

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Anonymous said...

Dam you Bob I can't get this song out of my head now lol. I would be interested to know who sang the other version that you mention. Carol.