Saturday, 24 April 2010

New Lease Of Life.

I seem to have developed a new lease of life. My legs are no longer sulking and my foot doesn't hurt so much any more. I probably gone and lost all feeling in them or something. Anyway we're on the home stretch now just two miles of level walking. Oh I just got a smile from a nice young girl! What more can an old bugger ask for? I will point out that she was on a bike so I guess she felt pretty safe being all rash with her smiles and my legs the way thwy are.

A Palm mobile post.


Gary said...

Bob, I have been following your hike post off and on all day and all I can say is "WAY TO GO BOB". I admire your undertaking this hike and thanks for sharing the day with us. - G

Matron said...

Ahh! fresh air, daylight and comfortable boots! You deserve that beer you have been thinking of. Do you remember that last scene from 'Ice Cold in Alex'.. Enjoy it Bob!

Pam said...

Good for you for your tenacity! Thanks for the inspiration :-)