Thursday, 15 April 2010

Extracts From The Day.

I just can't tell you what its like where I am now. I'm on a piece of land in a fork between two streams the sun is shining and all I can here is water. I wish I could bring all my friends here one at a time because I know they would remember it for always and when they remember it would be sure to fill their hearts with joy.

I just reached the first big peak in the walk, everything is good. Got a little hot but I tend to be a hot person so it doesn't take much. Now I have the downhill before the last big up. Just having a break now though, the only sound is the grass whishpering in the warm breeze. I love these places.

Stretching out before me is the last big hill, one mile of steep climb. I could of course say begger it and take the short cut along a level tarmac road but where would the challenge be in that?

There are no real problems other than my legs ache a little as does my back and eyes. I forgot my sunglasses but its ok no big deal. I'm cool now under these pine trees so that's good.

Can't send this right now as I don't have a signal, will try later when a little way up the hill.

Well that wasn't to bad. Its amazing when you get to Alport Castles, there is this brill view down the valley to the Snake Pass road. I have a very tame sheep for company at the moment, no funny business though I promise.

There now follows a steady walk along the ridge overlooking Snake Pass before dropping down to the car. I then need to find some dinner and go visit my sister at Bakewell. I don't know how many of these posts have been published but I will take a look tomorrow and also add some pictures I've taken. Take care everyone.

A Palm mobile post.


Sara said...

Wow! Spectacular photos. Thanks for sharing your experience with us.

Chicken lover said...

Don't you just love Derbyshire!

Woody Wilbury said...

I knew I recognised those photos!!

You've done the circuit I occasionally do, but in the opposite direction. I usuallly have a fry-up brunch in the shooting cabin in Lower Small Clough.