Friday, 9 April 2010

Fairholmes-Deer Holes-Alport Castles.

Hello everyone, how are you today? I’m good and just been busy getting my stuff together ready for another walk tomorrow. The route card for which is below. This walk will be a few miles shorter than the last one but if you were to compare profiles you will see that where as the last one was mostly down hill this one has more up hill, I’ve even planned a sting in the tail as well so that should be fun. I see it says I will be walking fourteen miles but it could be up to a mile more than that after all the dodging about. Anyway it doesn’t really matter about that as the main thing is to keep on pushing the toughness of the walks, I need to do more hills.
[Click Pic To Enlarge]

Jim asked me the other day how often I walk, well I walk just over two miles most nights with Tom and I’m trying to do a day’s walk every other weekend because if you leave it to long between walks you don’t develop the distance. By the end of May I want to be doing twenty miles with hills.
I will think of you all and take some pictures for you although it won’t be as interesting for you as the last walk in that respect but this walk is not a sight seeing trip.


Matron said...

Enjoy the weather this weekend, and give Tom a pat from me!

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. By your graph looks like a few steep climbs, take care and I hope the weather good for walking...

Kimmie said...

Walking not a sight seeing trip?? Oh, I beg to differ Bob, how can you not be amazed at all that God puts forth in wood and vale? So many magnificent sights to see, so many to breath in deeply, a few to capture so that when any heaviness from life comes, that you can pull out the photo and relive the great wonder of outdoors. (and the goodness of God!)

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