Thursday, 17 January 2008

Wireless Weather Station.

Low Temp: 4C
High Temp: 9C
Rain In Past 24 Hours: 0.9mm
Weather Today: Rained most of the morning with showers in the afternoon.

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all feeling very well. Tonight I’m going to show you a little toy that I had for Christmas, sorry its taken me so long getting around to showing you but you know the reasons for that.

Some of you may recall that one of the things I wanted for Christmas was a wireless weather station, well either that or a Volvo V50 estate car, it seems however that the weather station was more forth coming, with luck Santa will drop me the car off next Christmas! Anyway the first picture below is of all the sensors, I’ve plonked this in the middle of one of Vicki’s flower beds, I thought it might not go down too well looking the way it does but when I looked around the garden there are all manner of other weird sculptures and what have you so I view this as another one added to the collection. I would like to have put it up on the tower but I think I would be backing a loser asking the boss about that. Its okay in the garden but its very sheltered so doesn’t give very good wind reading either with regard to direction or wind speed but I guess it’s all relative to the garden.
The top two sensors are for reading the wind speed and direction. The next one down is the rain gauge, and the round one at the bottom is for temperature readings and also the transmitter is in there too. It will read the temperature indoors and out plus indoor and outdoor humidity. It reads the wind direction, speed, gust speed and wind chill. The rain gauge gives totals for the hour, 24 hour period, week, month and total since last reset. It will do all manner of other things too but I don’t want to sound like a wireless weather station sales person so I’ll shut up - in a minute. Inside there is a desk top read out of all functions and this can be connected to the computer where the data can be viewed and saved, graphs made and data sorted. It wasn’t the most expensive one on the market, the one I really liked was twice as much but I passed that up as I was sucking up to Santa in the hope he will be nice to me next year - you know what I mean?!! Anyway I’m happy with it and it does what it says on the box so no complaints there.
You will have noticed at the top of the page there is a picture from our Scotland holiday, this was taken in Oban on a very blustery and damp day.


Woody Wilbury said...

That's neat. When I was in junior school I was in charge of weather. Power, eh?

We had a compass rose painted on the playground and I got to go outside (while everyone looked enviously (?) out of the window) with a little windvane to hold up so we could tell which way the wind was blowing. I had a thermometer too (nobody else was trusted with a thermometer!) AND (get this) a can with markings inside so I could tell how much it had rained. And I had a chart and coloured pencils too. Brill. I loved it. I tell you, it changed my life!!!

Kimmie said...

Fun toy Bob, way out of my understanding- but what a cool gadget. Hope it brings you joy and that your heart whirls when you use it (or should your heart spin in delight?)

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,Father Xmas must have thought you been a good boy all the year,Hope you get years of enjoyment with your new weather station..By the way did you notice the horse and cart on my mantle above the tiger we bought that home as hand luggage from a little shop in Glasgow Scotland. Jen.