Tuesday, 29 January 2008

First Wasp This Year.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 5.5C
High Temp: 12.7C
Rainfall: 0.0mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 3.4 metres per second.
Weather Today: Dry and bright.

Hello everyone. Today I saw my first wasp of the year, I was pulling some Ivy from a wall at the time so it was probably hibernating in there but it was more wide awake than I ever am after waking from my asleep because as yet I’ve never been able to fly out of bed.

Today I’ve been mainly pruning the pear trees on the long border wall but there are some old fig trees that I am trying to rejuvenate and as I intend to put wires on the wall and train them as fans I needed to remove the Ivy so as to be able to attach the fastenings to the wall and it was whilst doing this that I saw the wasp. I managed to get them all pruned and the Ivy removed and also cleared up all the mess, I now just have one big apple tree to prune tomorrow all being well. There is also another Pear tree on the end of our house which is always a problem because its very tall and the estate doesn’t own any ladders. I can borrow some from Len and Alf but they aren’t too keen on that because I’m not insured to climb their ladders so all in all it’s a bit of a carry on. I usually end up reaching what I can with the long handled pruners and then report to the boss that I can’t reach anymore so he then asks if I don’t like climbing ladders so I then explain what I just did to you and so far the end result has been for Len and Alf to finish off the rest of the tree which all seems very stupid to me as I could have the job done and dusted ten times over if only I had the tools. In fact for all the trouble it causes I would have the top off the tree and it would sort the job once and for all. But what do I know?

Thanks everyone for answering my query about restricting my blog. I’m making a list of addresses as time permits. Anyone who has left a comment in the last few months will get an invite anyway - provided they have a contact address on their profile, anyone who doesn’t, Matron being one such person will need to contact me either through my email which can be found in my profile page or through my ‘Hiking Gardener’ blog http://peakdistrictwalker.blogspot.com/ . I know it will seem a pain having to sign in every time but once you’re in I think it will be worth the extra effort as the content will be better than now for sure.



Jeanette said...

Gday Bob , Hope your feeling very well again, Not forgetting Tippy how is she? hope I on the mend also..Pleased you didnt get stung by the wasp they can give you a nasty sting..OOOHH I love figs hope we can start to see photo's soon of your work...Keep well Jen.

BTW. I just posted some photo's of the lake at the end of my street..

Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ I hope you have got over your cold by now. Sorry you have to restrict your blog, but I can see the reason for it. I hope that I will still be able to visit. Take care, and watch out for more wasps.
Regards, Merle.

Margaret said...

Hi, sorry to hear you have been poorly also Tippy, hope all is well again. I used to raid our Pear trees when I lived in Vic. They don't grow here on the coast only in the colder areas naturally. We can grow figs however.
Cheers Margaret

Kimmie said...

Hi Bob

Wow, I think all the wasps in Ct are still in deep sleep and no sleep walkers either!

If you restrict your blog...should I still link you from my friends list?

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Jim said...

Hi Bob -- Kimmie has a point. I've clicked on those links to restricted sites and it says to me, "access denied."
I have one friend like that also, I will color her white and then no one knows it is there. But the link works. Highlight it to see.

La Tea Dah said...

Thank you so much for the invitation. I really appreciate it, as I enjoy your blog very much. I look forward to celebrating spring with you as the gardener to the big house!


snappy said...

Hi Uk Bob,I accepted your link.I like your reading your blog so I dont mind signing in.
At least you can write what you want then without upsetting anyone or having criminals casing your employers house!
I hope you are okay as there is a gap from posting.Will drop by soon!

Clare said...

Hi Bob

Thanks for the invite - I don't mind signing oin - I find more and more people are making their blogs less public -and you have a very valid reason to do so.

Here's to Spring!!


Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ Thanks for the invite and it is not much trouble to sign in.
Glad you got in touch with your friends in Malta. Have a wonderful time. Take care, Regards, Merle.