Wednesday, 9 January 2008

On The Mend.

Hello everyone, I would like to thank all those who missed me. Initially I didn’t bother to post on here as I thought you would all have plenty to do over Christmas without coming here to read what I had to say, especially as I didn’t have much to say for myself anyway. Also between Christmas and New Year I acquired a cold which was not especially bad until New Years Eve when it developed in to something much worse. We’d agreed to go to a party back home to let in the New Year and had it not been for Vicki being able to drive I wouldn’t have been coming home that night as every part of me ached, even my eye balls and I was rigid with cold so I spent the rest of last week either in bed or in the armchair in front of the fire in a fuzzy haze both freezing and sweating all at the same time. I find sitting around for days on end pretty boring even if I don't feel like doing anything, thankfully Jenny bought me the new Lewis Hamilton book for Christmas which is very good if like me you're in to F1, so I read that and watched TV most of the time. I went outside for the first time on Monday morning when I tried to do some work. I am getting stronger everyday but still have a bad chest and tire easily so I’m on light duties at work, if I feel myself getting drained I come home and rest a while. The people I work for have not pressured me to return to work or anything and I could probably have had more time off had I wanted. The trouble is when you sit around and do nothing you start to wonder if you really are ill or whether you just got lazy. Anyway hopefully I will slowly improve now. I think Vicki will be sort of pleased when that happens then she can have the TV back to herself on a night.

I bought Vicki her very own laptop computer for Christmas which she is very pleased with. She plans to do some posts to her blog in the near future when she’s learnt how to get the hang of it. She hasn’t really done that much with a computer so is busy learning at the moment. Also with me being ill I’ve neither felt like showing her or had the patience as I have to confess to not being very tolerant when ill, especially when it’s the flu. Really I hate it, I’d rather someone came up to me and give me a good kick on the leg than cough in my face and give me the flu.

My previous post will probably have sounded a bit cryptic so I will just explain that it relates to the Christmas present I got for Fallon. Who by the way was very poorly with the flu all over Christmas so that was a shame for her. Anyway she's had her own computer for a while now but was not online with it so as a Christmas present I got us all online by way of a wireless router and so I did the previous post you see on my blog and then got the page up on her computer so that when she walked in to her room there was the page and the surprise of being connected to the net. She was very pleased even though she was feeling quite poorly.

We had a very frightening moment on Sunday evening when Tippy started staggering around the house and falling over on the floor followed by being sick several times. First chance we got on Monday morning we took her to the vet expecting to hear the worse - you know how it is. Thankfully it turned out to be nothing worse than a sort of ear infection which is affecting her balance. The vet says she will get over it in time and it is something that older dogs can be prone too. I doubt she will ever get better though as she is now being pampered more than a royal Corgi and seems to be enjoying it way too much to ever want to get better!!
Best Wishes,


Woody Wilbury said...

Good to see you back. Flu is horrible, altho my old Dad said the flu jab was just as bad. He had one, promptly went down with flu and swore never to have another!

I find whisky a useful 'medication'.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back!
Elaine in Canada

Jeanette said...

Wecome back Bob, Its no fun getting the Flu. my doctor insists i have flu injection every year,after my diagnosed C, and have done the last 3 years 4in may.and havent had the flu in years.

Kimmie said...

Oh, I hope you all are on the mend glad to see you back.

;-) big smile
mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted