Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Foster & Pearson Greenhouses.

Low Temp: 7C
High Temp: 10C
Rain In Past 24 Hours: 6.6mm
Weather Today: Rained most of the day.

Hello everyone. Today I was told that dogs have been banned from the village church, this doesn’t bother me personally as I don’t venture in to the village with my dogs and only mention it because I think it says everything about the church and the attitude of the people who run it. I think it’s disgusting that they should see themselves so almighty as to ban one of the almighty’s own creatures - and they wonder why they can’t get bums on seats!

As promised yesterday I’m going to give you some info about the greenhouses and conservatory they have at the big house. They are genuine Victorian made by the company Foster & Pearson Limited of Nottingham. Anybody who was anybody had a Foster & Pearson greenhouse or conservatory, even Queen Victoria herself. They made all the fixtures and fittings and even the boilers for the greenhouses they supplied. For more information why not visit this link http://www.winsfordwalledgarden.com/greenhouses.aspx?Group=greenhouses&Page=Victorian_Greenhouses_Home_Page If you’re interested in this sort of thing its well worth a visit. As you will see from the pictures I’ve included everything was crafted extremely well which is why there houses are still around today even after in many cases being neglected.

One of the roof supports.

The mechanism of riasing the roof vent.

Water from the roof goes down the pipe and is collected in an underground tank.

From the tank the water was pumped by this hand pump which is no longer functional, the tank is still there and seems to hold water okay.

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Jeanette said...

Gday Bob. Just popped in while i have my cuppa before i go to bed.I just popped over to see the walled garden its gorgeous ill go back read more later. love all that Iron work in the glass house and would love that water pump as a feature in my garden.. hope yourself and Tippy Feeling a lot better. Take care Bob look after that Flu..