Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Protection Plan.

Hello everyone, how are you today? Today I finished painting the sides of the conservatory and as I had a bit of time to spare before lunch I painted one of the two earns that her ladyship wants painting white, they are black at the moment. I’m just doing one for the time being though until I see if she likes it white. This afternoon I planted the Tulip bulbs so that’s all the bulb planting done with.
Last night I told you to protect your brassicas if you had any, well I will add to that by saying that if you plan on sowing Sweet Peas or any seeds for that matter it would be a good idea to protect them from mice, especially if grown in the greenhouse. One of these fine days I will listen to my own advice. I went in this morning and found half the Sweet Peas eaten off and the pot of Stock seedlings just about all destroyed. They were just for growing on as pot plants for a bit of spring colour in the greenhouse so I didn’t need many, thankfully the mouse left me enough for that job.
MATRON Did a post about sugar beet last Saturday so this morning when out with the dogs I thought I would take a picture of the sugar beet heap at the farm we pass, its quite amazing that the enormous mountain appeared in just two days last week. Anyway go and have a look what MATRON has to say about it.
Well I have to go now as Vicki is shouting me for my dinner.
Best wishes,



Jim said...

Hi Bob -- Thanks for stopping by my blog.
I hope you have a nice holiday in Scotland. Will you be hiking again this year?

We were in Scotland in September, it was so nice.
The first four nights we stayed in Crieff and toured central Scotland from there.
We went as far north as Inverness and Balmora. Going to Balmora was quite an adventure, we took a one lane road over the hills a great part of the way. At one place we rescued three sheep who had gotten out of their fence and were stranded on the road.

Then we spent another five nights in Turnberry. There we played golf three days and toured in our spare time.

We spent two nights in Douglas, Isle of Man. That was really nice. We took the Electric Railway up to Ramsey and back.
On the way up we stopped at Laxey we got off and took the rail up to Snaefell (top of the highest mountain) and back.

That afternoon we rode the top deck of a double decker south to Castletown and back.
We had just missed the last Steam Locomotive.

My grandfather's family is from the Isle of Man. His last name was Corkill.

Of course we had to spend the night before and after Isle of Man at Glasgow due to plane schedules.
We did a lot walking in Glasgow the second evening.

I did make the first blog post about our arival at Douglas and several about Scotland, but haven't posted enough about that time or our recent trip to Guatemala yet. I do plan to do more this winter.

So I know you will enjoy Scotland a whole lot. Best wishes there.

Scarlet said...

That's quite a heap. I glanced at some of your posts and I like the pictures of your garden. Amazing. Sounds like you lead a quiet and relaxing life, just the opposite of mine.

Kimmie said...

Okay, Bob is a conservatory a greenhouse? I've never heard it called that, though I don't get out much (red face and much blushing!)

(perhaps I shouldn't sign my name!)