Sunday, 28 October 2007

A Lazy Sunday.

Good evening everyone, well its evening here so I'm sticking with good evening even if its still the middle of the afternoon where you are.

Today Bob's been very lazy. You see the thing with me is that I was brought up in a time when sunday was sunday and a special day for it. If you go to the North of Scotland today you will still find sunday is how sunday should be - well how it should be in my opinion. Anyway the upshot of it is that for me sunday has to be different, its a day when I please myself or say to hell with the jobs and sit for hours watching a movie with Vicki or just messing around generally wasting time and definately avoiding B&Q and any other place like it - really I don't need that sort of thing invading my Sunday.

I did rip up a carpet from the bedroom this afternoon as Vicki is wanting to do some painting on her day off tomorrow, the new one is supposed to be getting fitted on Tuesday. So thats it, the dogs will be send to hell and dalmation if they dare to drop one hair on the new carpet. Talking of which I did give Tippy a good old going over with the comb this afternoon as she is malting like crazy, I hardly needed a comb I could have pulled it out with my hands. Now she is laid up in front of the radiator so maybe I over did it with the comb.

Also today I cleared the draws out in my desk, they were full of papers gathered over our time here, most of which were no longer needed so they went on the fire, I never throw papers in the bin.

Thats about it for today, so I hope you're all okay and I will see you again soon.

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