Tuesday, 30 October 2007

Bubble Wrapped For Winter.

Hello everyone, how are you all today? I’ve had a busy day finishing off insulating the rest of the greenhouse, I also got some of the plants moved. The far end of the greenhouse is the hot or fairly warm part, the first half is cool but frost free as there is an electric heater that comes on to keep it above freezing and the conservatory is a cold house, there is no heating in there at all. It will keep about 3 degrees of frost off thought, I did over winter Geraniums in there last year. If it was particularly cold I covered them with a bit of fleece. I just need to finish off sort what plants I want to go where. I want to get everything sorted out for when I go away on the 10th November.

Today we had the new carpet fitted in the bedroom, so that’s looking smart now. We are just waiting for the new bed to arrive which I think will be Thursday.
Our new carpet.

Well I’d better get going now as Bob is ready for a sit down. I’ve not had one yet as I’ve been going through some things in the store room, looking for a book. There are still some things that we haven’t unpacked since we moved. Anyway as you can imagine I had to go through every box in there before I found what I was looking for. I also had my little helper with me so every box I lifted off the shelf and went place on the floor there was Tommy standing right where I wanted to put it. Everything turned out okay though. Take care and I’ll see you tomorrow all being well.


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La Tea Dah said...

The carpet is beautiful. I decided not to winter over my geraniums this year (I don't have a good place to keep them) and so they all died this week of frost. Now I'm second guessing my decision! Fortunately the local high school agriculture classes have a greenhouse and will be selling ones they grow next spring for about 50 cents per plant, which is so much more affordable than the commercial ones in town.

Thanks for your comment about my granite ware. Since it's 'tin', it's so easy to handle, wash, and dry. :)