Monday, 29 October 2007

Getting The Greenhouse Ready For Winter.

Here is a picture of some Chrysanths I have in pots.

Today I've picked the last of the apples, I have 525 apples in store. I also went to the farm to pick up a couple of gas cylinders for the greenhouse heater. I then set too and cleared the soil out of the tomato beds in the greenhouse, I replace it with fresh every year to avoid a build up of disease. I won't put the fresh soil back in the bed until after the new year as the extra height that removing the soil gives means I can over winter some of the taller plants in the greenhouse rather than heating the conservatory which is quite a large space although it would be nice if that were possible. I don't really have any plants that would justify the cost of heating that though so I cram as much as I can in to the greenhouses.

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