Saturday, 20 October 2007

I'm Choking On Drambuie.

Tommy is looking at me very strangely at the moment. Thats because I was sipping a Drambuie when one sip went down the wrong way. If any of you ever had a sip of Drambuie you will know that its pretty powerful stuff when it goes down the right hole, it sure takes some dealing with down the wrong one so I think Tom was getting a bit worried for me. I think his concerns stemmed from the sight of my bright red face streaming with tears.

This picture was taken yesterday on my way back from looking over the flock of sheep the estate run. They are a rare breed run for tradition more than anything as they are not farmed commercially. My first job of work every morning is to walk over and check to make sure they're all okay, during the winter months I also take them some feed.

Today it was the qualifying for the final Formula One race of the season which is held tomorrow in Brazil. Its going to be particularly exciting as it will be the day when this years champion will be known, as yet it's open to three drivers to win.


Jeanette said...

G'Day Bob. Nice Pics!Yep ive done that with a Brandy not a nice feeling. well actually its very warm here today we got to 36C and ive been tidying up pulling a few weeds,and changing my garden ornaments then ended repotting a few orchids. and now sitting here relaxing with a cold brandy and dry ginger. AAAH very thirst quenching maybe have another.
Take care see you tomorrow.Jen

UKBob said...

Well thats good Jen, thats what life is all about really - why do people bother to pick fights when they can nip on over and have some lamb and veg with Merle and the come and sit in the garden drinking brandy with you? Bob.