Monday, 22 February 2010


Its amazing how you make plans only for them to get thrown up in the air and come crashing down all mixed up. I had planned on going for a walk this weekend but had to put it off as there was no one to look after the dogs so that meant Saturday was dog sitting day for me. Then for some reason my computer developed this manic installing sickness where by it was constantly trying to install something but it seemed that something somewhere was doing the same manic thing trying stopping it so all it would do was this install/cancel, install/cancel at such break neck speed that it drove you crazy just to watch it so the only solution to the problem that I could see was to wipe everything and start over. It was over a year since I had to do anything like this so it was about due for a fresh start so that’s what I spent all day Sunday doing. Its easy enough to wipe everything and re-install windows, the hard and time consuming bit it getting everything talking to each other again afterwards. There were several drives that proved illusive in particular for the sound, Ethernet and video. Anyway everything seems to be back in order now and will hopefully see me through another year without too much trouble.

Because we have another covering of snow I divided my time today between painting another garden seat and digging up a couple of Cherry trees that had become stricken with something. There is another one to be removed but it is too big for me to dig out so I have to wait for Dick Dastardly to come with his chainsaw and cut it down for me. Then I think next winter we are planting some more trees of a different sort in their place.


Maureen said...

I get panicky when our computer doesn't work properly because I wouldn't know how to fix it like you were able to fix the problem on yours. It sounds like a very time-consuming job but it must have been quite satisfying for you to sort out the problem. Well done, you!

We had snow on Monday too but it was all gone by lunch time. I'm amazed that you were able to dig up trees while there is still snow on the ground!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Doesn't sound altogether a different problem from gardening Bob if you change a few words here and there. I believe that the snow may well be a blessing for gardeners.