Tuesday, 16 February 2010

The Flower Garden (Week 7).

If anyone is planning on growing their Sweet Peas from seed it’s about time you got cracking. Just remember that they are a favourite of mice so make sure you protect them somehow. Don’t assume you don’t have mice just because you’re not seen one. Chances are that if you put you seeds in the greenhouse there will be a mouse not far away. If you go one morning and find something has made holes in the compost you can be sure it’s a mouse that’s been and taken the pea. The plants you see in the picture we sown last November and are just about ready for having their tips nipped out.


The Weaver of Grass said...

I buy my sweet peas as small plants, Bob. I know they don't do quite as well and it is not so satisfying but I know we have too many mice to make it worth growing them. I do so love cutting them for the house, they are a very satisfying grow, aren't they?

Pam said...

We have peranual ones that grow here. I planted the ones at my dad's about 10 years ago and they have spread and I doing wonderfully with no help what so ever. I am suprised to find them in a green house.