Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Mickey Mouse Strikes Again.

I noticed this morning as I was going about my work in the greenhouse that there were bits of Clematis that I have growing in a hanging basket all over the floor and on closer inspection there were many chewed up bits in the basket itself, I can only assume that this is a mouse that’s done this. I grow it in a hanging basket because when in flower its highly scented so fills the conservatory with its fragrance. It looks like they’re going to have to manage without fragrance this year.

The chewed off pieces to the left of the pot.

Shorter pieces left in the pot.

Maureen thought I may have trouble digging up trees in the snow. I can think of times when I may not be able to get motivated to dig trees up in the snow but when you have the threat of Dick Dastardly and his chainsaw hanging over you there is ever incentive to limit his time in the garden as much as possible hence the trouble I went too yesterday to remove the trees completely and today I removed all the branches from the tree that I couldn’t uproot so all that’s left from him to do is saw up in to logs the trunk and thicker branches – should take him ten minutes at the most.
As for snow being a blessing really I just take everything that comes my way. As you will know
Weaver being farming people yourself you just have to get on with it whatever the weather. I think these days weather plays little part in peoples everyday lives other than it being pleasant or unpleasant and I think this is why whenever there is any kind of extreme they can’t cope. So actually yesterday was actually a good day for digging out trees because it was cold and there wasn’t a lot more to be done on such a day. Had it been a spring like day I would most likely have been doing some border work. It’s the way it is when you work outdoors with nature, she is your boss.

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EB said...

Oh how disappointing about the mouse-damage. I hate it when creatures destroy something without even having the grace to eat it!