Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Second Lot Of Radishes.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our
garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 0.1C
High Temp: 13.3C
Rainfall: 0.3mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 1.7 mph
Weather Today: Bright with sunny spells,
cold out of the sun.

Hello, how are you all tonight, I'm sure glad you were able to pop along to the garden and have a chat. Bob has been busy planting potatoes for most of today, I still have a few maincrop potatoes to get in but I will leave those until next week.
Also today I picked a few more Radish, I picked the first lot last week but I forgot to take a picture for you so never mentioned it. Don't you think they look tasty? They weren't over big but I can tell you they were very crisp and tender so I enjoyed my lunch today.

I also took you this picture I have of the Arum Lily growing in the conservatory. Things are starting to come on a treat in there now. I have a standard Fuchsia in flower which I will try and remmeber to take a picture of for you sometime soon.

We had Jo's dad over doing a few DIY jobs in the house for us today. I have to confess to being particularly useless when it comes to DIY jobs. The trouble is I don't have the ability to make a good job so I then get frustrated, followed by anger and a lack of motivation so I've got now that I just refuse to even make an attempt because I know it would just lead to me being in a bad mood. Anyway Charlie has been over all afternoon and has made a good job of everything, he still has a few things to do so I think he will be back tomorrow. Because we were all at work we left the door open for him to just let himself in, apparently all three guard dogs were easily bribed with a dog biscuit each which I thought was quite funny.
Well Bob will say bye bye for today, y'all take care now.


Jim said...

Hi Bob. Those radishes look really nice. And they are fresh out of the garden, just the best with a little salt.

It was nice that you have help with the house things. I am not good at that either.

If I see a nice bog in Ireland would it be safe for me to walk there? Does Ireland have free access to the lands like they do in G.B? I wouldn't want to get arrested for tresapassing.

Matron said...

Radish were the first things I ever grew as a child. Are those 'French Breakfast'? I used to pour a pile of salad cream and a pile of salt onto a plate and dip radishes in each before eating! Happy memories.

Jeanette said...

Gday again Bob. Ohh I love to just wash the dirt of and eat them fresh out the garden, or in a salad, Yummy..

Lois said...

Hi Bob,

Were the guard dogs you were referring to your friendly ones that we have heard about before, or are there actaully dogs on the property. I am envisioning three large Doberman Pinchers guarding the estate like on the show 'Magnum P.I.' Maybe you haven't seen that show over there, so wont know what I am going on about.
Lovely radishes!