Monday, 7 April 2008

Bloomin' Orchid.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location
in our garden over the past weekend.
Low Temp: -1.2C
High Temp: 13.0C
Strongest Gust of wind: 3.4 mph
Weather for the past weekend: Cold with snow and some brighter spells.

Hello everyone, did you have a good weekend? Me and Tommy had a great time. On Saturday we went for a walk over the moors, we walked about 10 miles, that’s just a guess as I didn’t bother to measure it. I didn’t take many pictures because as you will see below there wasn’t a lot to see at times although it did clear up later. Anyway here are a couple of pics from Saturday, there are a few more on our ‘Misunderstood Dog’ blog just click on the following link..

We arrived just in time for a mini blizzard.
Misunderstood Tommy having a paddle.

As we were part way to my mums we decided to go and spend what was left of the weekend with her and my dad. This next picture was taken from their garden on the Sunday morning.

At work today I've spent most of my time transplanting seedlings and taking cuttings, its been another pretty cold day so I think the potting shed was in the best place - well the greenhouse would have been better but its not very handy for potting stuff up.

I was pleased to find that one of the Orchids has come in to flower. I have several plants that they've had in the hall and then passed on to me when they were finished the first time around. I wasn't really too fussed about having them but then I thought if they wanted me to try and grow them on they would have to keep the greenhouses well heated through the winter which for me was good so with that in mind I said I would look after them. Anyway below is a picture of the one that has flowered. There is a whole flower spike of course but so far this is the only flower that's come out. I will take another picture sometime if the rest of them come out okay.

Well I'm going to go now as I want to put the other pictures on the 'Hiking Gardener And His Misunderstood Dog' blog.


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Jeanette said...

Gday Bob,
Looks like Tommy is having a lot of fun in the little creek,
Ohhh im in love with the Orchid love the colour. ill grab my coat before i come over for a walk lol..