Thursday, 24 April 2008

A Productive Day.

All readings are taken from a sheltered location in our
garden and cover a 24 hour period starting at 6pm.
Low Temp: 7.7C
High Temp: 17.7C
Rainfall: 2.1mm
Strongest Gust of wind: 2.0 mph
Weather Today: April showers, warm when sunny.

Hello everyone. I didn't feel that I got much done today what with the weather the way it is but looking back I'm a bit more happy about things as I got a few jobs done that have sort of improved things no end. This morning as it was raining me and Tom went to the garden centre for some supplies. By the time we got back the rain had stopped so I went and finished off weeding and patching up the planting in the walls in the main garden.
After lunch it came out quite nice but everywhere was wet so I decided to clear up the potting shed yard. Quite a few plants and rubbish had accumulated over time. Some of the plants were okay and worth keeping but there were many that weren't worth bothering with so they got dumped and I had a good old sweep up and wash down.

Another little job I did which I'm quite pleased about is I managed to unblock the drain by the potting shed door. I had a go at unblocking it when I first came here but failed, this time however after much prodding I managed to get the water to drain away. If you look at the picture above you will see a hand pump against the wall, it doesn't work anymore but it used to be fed from an underground tank at its base. Well the water from the drain runs in to the tank and whats more when that tank is full it then runs to the one under the conservatory floor because when I went to close the vent in the conseratory I could hear water runing in to that tank also and the only place it cold have been coming from was the potting shed drain. The people who built everything in the first place could teach us a thing or two and no mistake.
I then finished off the day by getting one of the window vents working in the far greenhouse. The roof vent in there works okay but none of the side vents did. It was just a matter of fitting a couple of new hinges. There are no proper catches on it as yet but it works fine. I bet its been a few years since that window opened.
The problem was that the old hinges had rusted or broken through neglect. They aren't worn out or anything, just rusted solid. Its hard to see how that could happen if the houses had been used properly because they are in use nearly eveyday doing the spring, summer and autumn.



Kimmie said...

Hi Bob;
Funny how small jobs can make you feel like little was accomplished, when truly sometimes those jobs are the ones that hold up everything else.

Good work...!

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Anonymous said...

My potting shed window has rusted and when it gets warm again, I'm going to try and free it without breaking it ....I hope.