Thursday, 7 January 2010

More Bench Work.

After the usual jobs of seeing to the sheep and greenhouses I decided to clear some of the snow from the main drive.

I don’t usually spend too much time moving snow as it usually does a good job of removing itself given time but they have a shoot tomorrow so I thought they might be wanting the drive and outside the front door clearing and if so it’s best done before people drive all over it and make it hard work. Thankfully the drive is under trees so there is never a great amount of snow gathered so it wasn’t a big job.

After my tea break I carried on with my bench painting. I have the second bench already for re-assembling but the paint was still a bit damp so as I didn’t want to get grubby finger marks all over it I decided to leave the re-assembling for another day.

So instead I set too dismantling the third and biggest of the three new benches.

I now have it all in bits and ready for undercoating tomorrow if nothing else comes up.
I tie up the metal frame to the ceiling as this makes it easier to paint round all the twists and turns.


Sara said...

That first photo is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Not that I'm not enjoying your bench progress :)

The Weaver of Grass said...

We have cancelled our shoot for tomorrow, Bob, as the snow is too deep and would make it dangerous.
Glad to see those benches coming along so nicely - as they probably would say it is an ill wind that does the benches a good turn, or something like that. Keep warm.

Anonymous said...

Hi Bob
I just love the first photo. It's just beautiful.
Elaine in Canada