Tuesday, 5 January 2010

A Constructive Day In The Garden.

Hello Everyone, I hope you all had a good Christmas and are ready to start some more garden work after our little break. I actually started work yesterday but couldn’t really get motivated enough to start talking about how I’d spent the day catching up with filling log boxes, removing Christmas trees, disposing of all the card board boxes, I felt a bit like an inverted Santa Claus, he brought all the boxes full of goodies and I took them away full of rubbish, I somehow feel that I got the worse deal. There was also work to be done in the greenhouses as I’d just been doing the minimum while I was off work. I also went to the farm for some sheep hay, not a pleasant job as the stack has been there years and is rat infested, the hay is rubbish too. So as you can see the first day back was a bit of a non productive day as far as the garden goes. Today on the other hand has been much better even with all the snow that’s been falling heavily all day I was able to get cracking on a job that is going to pay dividends all summer long. When I was learning my trade I was often told by the old gardeners that a proper gardener will always be able to find a job to do. I didn’t believe it at the time but today, and many days in the past have been proof that their wisdom was true. Many would think that a day such as this would have been better spent in the house keeping warm but come the summer and the benches are gleaming like new around the gardens I will look back to this day and feel quite smug that I spent it in such a constructive way while others trudged round and round on fools errands.

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The Weaver of Grass said...

What a splendid idea Bob. Nice to have you back, by the way. Another good job, when I can pluck up enough courage to go out to the shed well wrapped up against our snow, is to wash and dry all the flower pots and stack them neatly.
I like to think of all those snowdrops keeping warm under their snow blanket and just waiting to come out when the snow goes. Could be next month if tonight's forecast is right. Happy New Year.