Sunday, 18 October 2009

Holiday week.

Hello Everyone,

First of all I would like to thank everyone who wished me a happy bloggin’ break, your thoughts were much appreciated. This week I will show and tell you about some of the things that have happened and what I’ve been up.

During the first week me and Vicki took a week’s holiday/vacation – whatever you want to call it. We visited lots of big house gardens and took some pictures to show all those who are interested.

Here are some pictures of the houses that we visited.
First of all we have Chatsworth House in Derbyshire. This is the first place I worked when leaving School and is where I learnt a lot about gardening. Of all the houses we visited I think Chatsworth was the best value for money by far. You can spend all day just looking round the gardens and still not see everything.

Another one of our favourite gardens is Newby Hall. We had already visited this place in the spring but decided to pay it another visit later in the year. This is not a particularly big garden but is divided into small individual gardens all packed with interesting things for the gardener to look at so it actually feels a much bigger garden than it really is and it’s not hard to spend the whole day there walking round or even just sitting.

For the first time ever we visited Scampston Hall. The main attraction for me was the walled garden although there is a nice way marked route around parts of the main grounds too. I’m not sure if I would visit these gardens again except maybe in passing.
This next place is called Duncombe Park near Helmsley and is not really a gardener’s garden. There is a nice walk around the grounds with a few surprises but there are no plants to mean anything, it’s mostly about vista's, follies and trees.

This next garden is also at Helmsley and can be combined with a visit to Duncombe Park as they are close and also Helmsley itself is a nice place to spend some time. Anyway this is Helmsley Walled Gardens I like walled gardens and this does actually still retain the feel of a walled garden, especially with its lean to greenhouses which you are allowed to walk though. So although quite small this garden does have quite a lot of interesting features and so is one that I enjoy visiting.


Sara said...

Glad to have you back Bob!

Thanks for sharing the photos and the links. I love being a tourist through your blog.

Kimmie said...

Hi Bob;

Missed you, welcome back!

Those certainly are some big hunking houses! Glad you were able to spend some time looking at gardens, instead of working in them for a change.

Hope you are well rested and are ready to have at it in the blogging world.

We have jumped into another adoption (yes, child #8)!! We are very excited, as it has God's fingerprints all over it.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Anonymous said...

Glad you are back! Great photos. It looks like you had some great weather over your holiday, looking at those lovely blue skies. All snow and frozen pipes here, I'm afraid . .. though it has warmed up since that brief but deadly cold snap in early October . . . I hope the maple trees we planted will survive after planting them at -11 c, only to have it warm up to +21 C two days later. Some times the weather here seems very unfair.

Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ Welcome back. I did enjoy seeing the great homes you visited
and read about their gardens.
They all look very large houses and
I guess they belong to wealthy people. Take care,Bob.
Regards, Merle.