Tuesday, 27 October 2009

HAPPY NEW (gardening) YEAR!

Hello Everyone, I intended posting this before now but I've been having some technical problems. Anyway for me this is the start of the new gardening year so HAPPY NEW YEAR! I am looking forward to sharing another year’s work with you. Hopefully I can show you something new to make your gardening experience more enjoyable and perhaps even help you along the way. I guess some of you will be saying to yourselves, ‘what is Bob talking about!’ I realise you’re probably still tidying up after last year’s party and it’s a while until you can enjoy next summer’s flowers and what have you but really this is where it all starts, this is where you begin getting things ready for the next summer. As we go along I will tell you of a few jobs that you need to do now, you never know, as the list grows you may even begin to see why this and not January or even March is the start of Bob’s gardening year.


The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to have you back Bob, I have been looking out for you since the 18th. Shall I swop my blog list to include this site or do you intend to keep going on both. Welcome back - looking forward to our chats in the future.

Kimmie said...

Can't wait to read. I am sure there is loads that I am *supposed to be doing*. I have a blanket that is currently getting rained on, that is holding all the cut back garden. I meant to empty it into the compost a week ago, but still it sits. sigh. Perhaps when the sun comes out, it will arrive at its resting place.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

Sara said...

Oh no! I'm supposed to be working on my garden? I just packed up all my gardening stuff for the winter! I'm ready to hibernate...

Jim said...

Hi Bob, we are in the rainy season now until Spring so there won't be much gardening. I pick up the dog poops about twice a week--they use the back yard-- and that's about all. We have a few indoor and porch plants to water and will be bringing the lemon tree in soon.

I really did like the balance saw video. I suppose they were used to phase out horse drawn plows.

When we were growing up Dad had a one plow horse plow for the team to pull to plow the garden and hard to get places.
Then there was the two bottom plow that two teams pulled. Later he modified it so he could pull it with the John Deere Model B. He got that tractor, his first, in 1939. It had to last out the WWII efforts and then some.

I wil watch for your hints, I will learn some things, I know.

EB said...

Happy New G Year Bob.

Bob said...

Jim There is an operator on each of the engines to work the winch and also they have to keep moving the engines forward. I have footage of the horses working too, I will try and put it on sometime for you.

Sara I will let you off, I know it isn't easy to get enthused about gardening in winter, especially the sort of winter you have there.

Kimmie I guess the same applies to you to, by the way I thought you and the kids might have been able to tell me that the little stream engine at the show is being used for!

The Weaver of Grass I know I'm being very confusing doing two blogs. I like the work book format but I also know that a lot of people like the way I present this blog but I don't have time to do both so I will be just writing in this one and not the other.

Anonymous For sure Sheigra is a magical place as are many of the places in that part of the country - I wonder if you too the trip to Sandwood Bay too? Thanks for your comment anyway.

Emily, Thanks and same to you.

Matron said...

Now that's a cheery thought! Just as I was getting depressed about nothing happening in the garden until next Spring,you have given me a new way to look at things!