Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Reception Was Excellent.


Two antennas met on a roof, fell in love and got married.
The ceremony wasn't much, but the reception was excellent..

So that I can post the readings on the same day as the blog post they are of the previous 24 hours up to 6 pm today.
Temp Low: 12C
Temp High: 25C
Rainfall: 0mm
Cont. Days Without Rain: 1
Dry Days This Month: 10
Wind Level For The Day 14
Pressure: 998.8
Weather: Mostly sunny, less windy today.

2009 Highs & Lows
Min for the year: -5 C (4th February)
Max for the year: 35 C (1st July)
Most rain in 24 hours: 39mm (5th June)


Subject -Check the sheep and lambs
Location -Field
Categories -Misc
Start -Tue 18/08/2009 08:00
End -Tue 18/08/2009 08:20
Duration - 20 minutes
Message -Checked and counted the sheep and lambs.

See to the greenhouses
Tue 18/08/2009 08:20
Tue 18/08/2009 09:30
70 minutes
1) Watered round.
2) Took off dead leaves and flowers.
3) Took out the Tomatoes on the staging
4) Re-potted some peppers.

Tidy North Front borders
Public Gardens
Tue 18/08/2009 09:30
Tue 18/08/2009 10:30
1 hour
Dead headed the roses and weeded the borders.

Break for tea Home
Tue 18/08/2009 10:30
Tue 18/08/2009 10:50
20 minutes

Edge all grass
Main Garden
Tue 18/08/2009 10:50
Tue 18/08/2009 11:45
55 minutes

Put a straight edge to lawn
Fuel tank border
Main Garden
Tue 18/08/2009 11:45
Tue 18/08/2009 12:10
25 minutes
The piece of grass by the beach hedge needs a straight edge putting to it.

Edge grass
All grass
Walled Garden
Tue 18/08/2009 12:10
Tue 18/08/2009 12:45
35 minutes

Break for lunch
Tue 18/08/2009 12:45
Tue 18/08/2009 13:30
45 minutes

Edge all grass
Walled Garden
Tue 18/08/2009 13:30
Tue 18/08/2009 15:30
2 hours

Tidy up round the lily pond
Lily Pond
Walled Garden
Tue 18/08/2009 15:30
Tue 18/08/2009 17:15
1.75 hours

Clean and put away the tools.
Potting Shed
Tue 18/08/2009 17:15
Tue 18/08/2009 17:30
15 minutes

1) My brother in law John has sent me some jokes so I am going to pass them on to you as a series called ‘John’s Jokes’. No doubt you will have heard some of them before but it’s always good to have a laugh even if it’s only at the same old things.
2) Come on Bob, wrap it up now please, I’m falling asleep here – YAWN!

Jeanette Don’t worry the boot will be on the other foot soon enough. There are quite a few nice gates at Castle Howard, I will be showing you some more in time.


Sara said...

Looking forward to your joke series. The first installment made me chuckle:)

Peter said...

G'day Bob, thanks for the visit, I've seen you around on my sister Merle's blog and also my friend Jan's.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, the garden border is lovely. Hehehe to johns joke look foward to others ,awwwwww Love the close up of Tommy hard at work.
I see Peter has paid you a visit Incase your unaware im Jan and always been called Jan by Peter & Merle we have been friends for 50+years I have only been called Jen over the last couple of years I dont know how that started maybe Bowls,,.

By the way Took a photo of my poor fuchsia today one has got buds on it, I will blog it soon

Bob said...

I will look forward to seeing your Fuchsia’s. That’s a long time to be friends and no mistake.

I’m glad the little joke hit the spot.

you’re right, I do like to visit Merle and Jeanette, I have popped in and had a look at your pictures in the past too.