Sunday, 16 August 2009

No Lawn Mowing.

There isn’t a lot to report today as Bob is a bit old fashioned and tends to treat Sunday as a day of rest, so no lawn mowing or anything like that today. I like Sunday to be the day when I sit in the garden, watch the racing on TV, listen to some music or visit friends (see below). Of course some things have to carry on as normal like for instance walking the dogs, checking the greenhouses and drinking tea. So why not join me and have a cup of tea or coffee if you prefer and we can visit some friends together as I’m sure they won’t mind you tagging along.
First person to pop in and see is Deby I have to confess to having never visited her before but I thing she is having troubles with her foot so I'm sure any nice thoughts would be welcome. By the way check out that Redneck Wheelchair whilst you're there, its awesome.

Talking of visiting new people I had a visit from
Fireweedmeadow this week and when I returned the visit I got a nice surprise. Fireweedmeadow seems to be a new blog and has already captivated my attention. Anyone with slug problems needs to check out the moose and I'm sure you will realise how lucky you are to only have slugs to worry about. Also dog lovers will love Silas, he is such a hansom boy.

I think next we will visit
Weaverofgrass they are having some work done on the farmhouse as well as getting in the hay harvest. They are very busy people as always but I'm sure they will be pleased to see us, besure to take off your shoes though if you visit after today as the new carpet will be fitted.

Another good friend of mine always worth a visit is
Merle - especially when she's been doing some cookin'! This week though she has got a nice old picture to show us of her family. I like old pictures and often wonder how these new digital pictures will be in fifty years time.

I'm sure you will agree that we could spend all day visiting friends and still have some left, I have to leave you now though as Vicki is back from church so I will go and put the kettle on again and make another cup of tea for us both.

Have a good restful day,


Merle said...

Hi Bob ~~ Thanks for the mention, but you commented before I finished blogging. While I was typing, made a
mistake and somehow said I'd posted.
Well then I finished my post and went to delete the first post and had a comment. Glad you enjoyed your Sunday sort of a day if rest.
Glad you liked the old photo and glad you consider I've weathered well
Take great care, my friend, Best wishes, Merle.

The Weaver of Grass said...

Glad you all called today before the carpet was fitted Bob! What a pleasant stroll you had through blogland. Call again. Oh and bring some decent weather with you next time you call - it is very "backendish" here today.

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, You deserve a day of rest just to sit back put your feet up watch the telly. and have a cold beer, after all the hard yakka (work) you do all week.well im off to do some visiting .Jen