Monday, 2 August 2010

Some More Pictures From The Weekend

Here are some more pictures from the weekend. There are a few more on my mobile blog for those who are interested.

This picture was taken from Keswick when me Vicki and Tommy took a walk.

This is the main street of Appleby, if you would like to see more of Appleby visit this site for some nice pictures:
One of the many stone barns that feature greatly in this part of the country.
Tommy enjoying another paddle. I was very pleased with him this weekend. He has been away with us in the past but never to a guest house and we've never walked him around town before but he behaved very well which means he can look forward to more trips out.

An old train at Hawes.


EB said...

Lovely pictures. I'm a bit puzzled about the not walking around town, but I suppose you have so much time in the countryside anyway, it just doesn't happen often that you're all in town together. We took Pippa to London a couple of times - have you ever seen someone carrying an Irish Setter on an escalator? They look as though they're carrying a giraffe!

Matron said...

that is spectacular scenery, and great that Tommy is enjoying it with you. I remember camping near Keswick years ago. We found a butcher nearby that sold us a 2ft long Cumberland sausage to cook up for our breakfast in the tent. The best I've ever had!

Kimmie said...

Tommy looks like he is have a blast. Glad you enjoyed walking him about in town and that he cooperated with good doggie behavior for you.