Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Paint Jobs

One of my duties besides gardening is to keep the furnishings and fittings of the garden looking good and this includes some painting, as with the greenhouse earlier this year. This winter I have to paint the garden benches that we had renovated this summer by someone from the next village. All the woodwork was renewed but not painted.

So this winter when we have days that aren’t so nice I will undertake that job. I have actually done one as a kind of trial as the boss wasn’t sure if he wanted them painting white or not.

So I did the one and it got his approval so now I have the two larger ones to paint. I do most of my painting work in the workshop I have in the basement of the summer house.

I think that in the days of large garden parties and such like it was used as the kitchen as there is a small cast iron range in there plus a water heater and there was also a boiler to heat the upper part of the summer house but that has been removed at sometime in the past. The one that is of interest to me in this present day is the range which is still serviceable and is a comfort on a cold wet day when heated by coals.

Its only a very small grate so doesn’t use a lot of fuel but its surprising how much heat it gives off when all the cast iron is warmed through and so after a couple of hours makes the place quite pleasant. Far warmer than the potting shed on the same day. The bit of heat also helps the paint to dry. So today I was in the summer house quite a bit removing some of the rails from a bench and preparing the wood for painting.
I just noticed I made a mistake with the date on the pictures. I put the date on manually when I down load the pics from the camera and I got the date wrong so sorry about that.


Matron said...

Real wood fires and those like agas really do throw out a lot of heat! Much more than my silly fan heaters and electric fires - I'm freezing here! brrr

Cindy Moran said...

This is absolutely the coolest, thank you for sharing.