Tuesday, 1 December 2009

First Frost.

So that I can post the readings on the same day as the blog post they are of the previous 24 hours up to 6 pm today.
Temp Low: -1C
Temp High: 6C
Rainfall: 0mm
Cont. Days Without Rain: 2
Dry Days This Month: 1
Wind Level For The Day 6
Pressure: 989.3
Weather: Bright and cold after a frosty start.

2009 Highs & Lows
Min for the year: -5 C (4th February)
Max for the year: 35 C (1st July)
Most rain in 24 hours: 39mm (5th June)
Longest dry period: 41 days (13th Sept – 24th Oct)

This morning we woke to the first frost of this autumn/winter.

I’m thankful for it in a way because now I can dig up any Dahlia’s that I want to put in to store. It probably wouldn’t have mattered had I dug them up with the tops still green but the traditional way is to let them get blackened by the frost first. I probably won’t be digging up all the tubers as most of them seem to survive when left in the ground but I will definitely be digging up and storing at least one tuber of each variety and any that I want to increase by cuttings next spring.


Kimmie said...

brrr...happy digging!

wondering how you increase them by cuttings?

Hope you are well friend.

mama to 7
one homemade and 6 adopted

*expecting again...from Ethiopia!!

Bob said...

You are right, I will do so by taking a few cuttings, hopefully around March time if they have put up shoots by then.