Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Lincoln Cathedral

Yesterday me and Vicki went to Lincoln where we visited the cathedral, below are some of the pictures I took for you. This first one is taken from a leaflet I got there.

I like the one below because it shows how the place is like built up of different layers

This one I like for how the light falls on a certain place, a bit like its coming from heaven or something.


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EB said...

Oh what amazing pictures. It always frustrates me how difficult it can be with such an obviously attractive building, to make its appeal come across in photographs, but these do that very well.

We were in Lincoln a few months ago and we loved it. We went out to Louth too (where the church is amazing) and there were about 4 really good butchers all with local meat on sale, and a good cheesemonger and a fishmonger! We were most impressed.