Wednesday, 25 February 2009


Today I will show some pics of the greenhouse, there is no special reason for this other than I’ve been asked a couple of questions about the greenhouses of late also I mentioned the other day that there is quite a bit of work you can be doing in the greenhouse if you have one.
This first picture is the cool part of the greenhouse, I keep this part about 5 degrees above freezing during the winter. At the moment there are mainly a few pot plants in to give a bit of colour but as things warm up these will be moved out in to the conservatory and this house will be used to bring on summer bedding plants and Tomatoes.

This house is the warm house and the temp is kept around 15C in here all through the winter. This is where I keep house plants that like a bit more heat. Later on these plants will also go in to the conservatory and I will grow melons and cucumbers in here, also the orchids will be in here too. At the moment they are in a heated propagator where I can keep the temps up around 25C.

I got my car back from the garage tonight, it’s been in to get a service and have the brakes done. Unfortunately I didn’t get the bill yet as they didn’t have it ready tonight when I went to pick it up. You probably wonder why that’s unfortunate but really I would rather know what the damage is than spend time guessing what it might be.


Anonymous said...

Your greenhouses are beautiful. Would be nice to see all that green when everything else is covered in snow like here. It is melting down a bit though and I can see patches of the lawn here and there.
About your car getting worked on, would anyone buy something without knowing what it is going to cost? I sure wouldn't.
Have a great day!

EB said...

Mmmm. Fascinating pictures. I love the old greenhouses - the tiled floor, the bits of grill and so on. I suppose they must be a lot more work to look after than a new one would be though.

15 degrees - blime. We only heat our house to that, and it goes down a good bit more during the night.

About 15 years ago I went to Kew in January, when there was snow outside. It was amazing - I remember it really clearly, even though I wasn't interested in plants and so on at the time. A fantastic place for a winter visit, but you do have to go dressed in layers!