Tuesday, 27 May 2008

A Walk In The Park.

Hello everyone. As I think I told you me and Vicki spent last weekend at my parents house. On Saturday I went for a walk while Vicki and my mum went to see some of the Welldressings, Vicki may tell you about those on her own blog sometime.
I walked from Rowsley to the Strines Inn which is over near Moscar, a distance of just over 19 miles. The walk went much better than the last one although it has to be said that the walking was easier but I did walk a lot further however it was much cooler so it suited me better. I will show you some pictures I took along the way, not all at once though as I took rather a lot.

This was taken entering the village of Calton Lees after a steady walk from Rowsley long the banks of the River Derwent.
You are now in the surrounds of Chatsworth Park, part of the estate belonging to the Duke of Devonshire. Here is an old flour mill, its been out of use since the early 60s after a tree fell on it during a gale.

The walk continues on through the park always by the river towards Chatsworth House.
Chatsworth House, this is where I had my first job when leaving school at 15, I worked as a gardener, this is where I learnt my trade.
A view from the park of the cascade within the gardens.

This is the hunting tower that sits high on the hill over looking the park. This is where the ladies would go to watch the gentlemen hunting in the park, this was many years ago and no long happens.

This is the cricket ground, where the estate cricket team plays. When I worked at the house, after a while one of my jobs was to come down here once a week to cut the grass, a job that took me all day. I used to enjoy it being away on my own for the day.
This is where I was to exit the park and enter the village of Baslow which I will post pictures off tomorrow. As you will notice there is quite a lot of blossom out at the moment which added to the pleasure of the walk.
Today has been wet and miserable, its the first rain we've had in weeks so can't complain and it will do nicely for getting some planting done. Its also meant I can get caught up with some repotting. I needed to get some done but with the weather being so nice it seemed a shame to spend it indoors potting up so I've been putting it off as much as I can.
I've not had any news from the hospital yet, in this case no news is good news because they only get in touch if they need to see me again for something.
By the way, Vicki has done a post of her visit to Chelsea flower show on her blog. If anyone is interested you can find it by clicking this link http://vicks-floral.blogspot.com/
Well I will get off now, take care and I will see you again tomorrow with more pics of my walk.


Woody Wilbury said...

Strines Inn is lovely. My son briefly worked as a barman there and when she was alive my mother was very keen on their Sunday roast dinners.

Just wondering how you got back, becasue this is a very linear walk?

Jeanette said...

Gday Bob, Im back again.Now that looks a lovely picturesque walk through the surrounds of Chatsworth Park,great photo's.

Lois said...

Bob, I really enjoyed clicking on these photos of this magnificant place. I hope you dont mind I made one of them my screen saver for a wee while, just to enjoy it for a bit, and then I will delete it, as it rightfully belongs to you. Beautiful photos.


Heather said...

Really enjoyed the posting and it reminded me of a trip to Chatsworth House many years ago now on a long weekend away from London. It was indeed a beautiful place.

Sounds as if you are getting more into walking, am I right? I love walking and am setting up a business around it at present encouraging people to get out there, reap all the wonderful benefits and see all the amazing things that you can see on a walk.