Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The First Dahlia Flower.

Hello everyone, I'm not really feeling much like writing at the moment but I just thought I would do a quick post. Vicki is on holiday and is away for a few days, she is staying the night with her sister in Coventry as they have gone to london to visit the Chelsea flower show. She will be back tomorrow though as her and Jo are doing the wedding flowers for Jo's sister who is getting married on Saturday. Also its Vicki's birthday on Friday so this weekend we are going to stay with my parents and on Sunday have a little celebration dinner with the family at a local pub. Last Monday I had to go to the hospital for a check up so at the moment I'm in limbo waiting to see what the results will be. If everything goes ok I can get on with planning my walk on the Pennine Way. Vicki is thinking that I should stay bed and breakfast rather than camping, it seems a bit of a cop out to me and also bed and breakfast isn't all trouble free but then I guess that just makes for a different challenge.

Today I noticed a couple of Dahlia's just coming in to flower so I guess summer can't be far away now. We are doing very well, no rain for weeks now, its about time though.

The First Dahlia Flower.

Well I will get off and go do the washing up, take care and I will see you again soon.



Woody Wilbury said...

I'm very envious of your Dahlia. You'll perhaps recall my three Bishops of Llandaff?

Not a sign of them. Not the teensiest shootiest sign of them. It isn't still Lent is it?

I'm tempted to get down close to the soil and shout at them.

Matron said...

I was tempted to try to go to Chelsea this year, but seeing that "Matron doesn't do flowers" it might not be my cup of tea! Matron is having her own veggie flower show anyway!

Kimmie said...

I've never grown dahlia's...they are very beautiful, but I always am intimidated by them. Not sure why, perhaps it is because in my climate (and probably yours too), you have to dig them up in the fall and winter them inside.

Hope Vicki has a wonderful time at the flower show with her sister. I have heard it is amazing!

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