Friday, 21 March 2008

A Maltese Garden.

Hello everyone, I hope you’re all doing fine. Bob has had a day off work today due to it being a holiday.
Tonight’s pics from Malta were taken in the gardens to the presidential palace, they were very nice gardens although there was this other place that we went where the gardens were even better – in my opinion. I will show you those another time though.

Look at the roots of this tree.

The pots in these next two pics were planted with red Geraniums. I liked the way they had them arranged.

A group of Cacti
You know, a funny thing happened to us on our first night in Malta. We were met at the airport by our friends who then took us back to their apartment and wined and dined us. We of course had a lot to talk about having not seen each other for well over ten years so by the time we left for the apartment that we were renting for the week it was three o’clock in the morning. On arriving there Tony went first with the key to open the door and put on the lights but when he tried the key it wouldn’t fit the lock so we thought maybe we made a mistake and was trying to get in to the wrong apartment so he went upstairs and tried the door to apartment number two. The key fit and the door opened only to be stopped by the chain on the inside! After a bit of puzzling we came to the conclusion that the owner of the apartments had given John the wrong keys so we all returned to our friends place to spend our first night there. Of course there was no great harm done but we have laughed several times since about how different the situation would have been had the people in apartment number two not thought to put the chain on their door before going to bed LOL! I’m not sure who would have had the biggest shock, us or them.

It’s a shame your friend has a fear of flying
Kimmie, its hard to think of how to set a person at ease when they have such a fear. Really though all I can do is say how it was for me and that is that it was more boring than frightening. I liked the taking off and landing bits, I liked looking out the window but there was a lot of cloud so there wasn’t much to see, especially when going as it went dark pretty quick. To be honest I’ve had more frightening car journeys.

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Woody Wilbury said...

That looks a pretty neat Chinese Fan Palm - Trachycarpus fortunei if I'm not mistaken, named after Robert Fortune, another of they early plant collectotrs who deserve to be better known.