Monday, 23 November 2009

Setting Up The Heater.

Hello everyone. At the moment leaf raking continues to be the main job in the 'Big House' garden although I’m getting them cornered now.

Another worthwhile job I did today was to make an Autumn sowing of Sweet Peas. It’s getting towards the end for Autumn sowing but I didn’t want to sow them before I went on holiday as they have to be kept a close eye on, especially if there are mice around because it seems their second favourite thing to eat after chocolate are peas. I have mine covered in a propagator at the moment so they are quite safe but once they germinate they will have to be moved to a cool place to spend the Winter and so will need protection from mice somehow. I usually have a mouse trap close by. If you aren’t able to sow your Sweet Peas yet for whatever reason don’t worry as you can sow them in the Spring. I will make another sowing then as well.
Also today I set up the Propane heater in the end greenhouse. This will stay on all the time now as it’s on a thermostat. It’s a free standing heater so I set it up under the grating in the greenhouse floor. Originally this is where the heating pipes would have run when the heating was provided by a boiler.

Propane heater.

Fits snugly under the floor grating out of the way.

Guess where is my favourite place to stand on cold days?!!


Sara said...

Thanks for the photos of the heater setup. Although, it is not quite as pretty as your photos from Spain.

We have a propane heater like that in our agility building. When all huddle around it trying to stay warm in between our runs. So, I understand your appreciation for it!

The Weaver of Grass said...

Lovely to be reading you again after such a long time Bob - I used to sew my sweet peas in the autumn but our winters are so severe that it became a tussle to keep them going, so now I wait until spring and I really think they catch up.