Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Week 35 In The Fruit Garden.

This week in the fruit garden we have some late Strawberries ripe for picking. These are from new plants this year that were taken from runners last year. To be right its best not to let the plants produce fruit in the first year but I can never resisit sneaking a crop. Now is a good time to be looking out for new runners to plant, very oftern they can be found already rooted in to the soil by the mother plants but if you can't find any rooted just peg some down with wires or even a stone and they will soon root. Strawberry plants are best replaced after three years as the berries become smaller and the plants less productive.


fireweedmeadow said...

No fruit in the first year? Are we meant to pick off all the blossoms? I didn't know that . . . I ate rather a few off this year's, having just transplanted the runners in the spring.

Jim said...

Hi Bob, that's they way my Mama said to do the strawberries. If that is how they taught you in Ag School it is doubly right.
I envy you with having all that fruit. But I don't envy the hard work you do. Remind you of the 'Little Red Hen' and her bread?