Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Can Anyone Help?

Hello everyone, today I have a bit of a different post to make. Last Saturday I went walking in the hills of the Peak District National Park which is near where I live. Whilst out on the high moors above the Derwent Reservoirs I came across a memory card that is full of someone photo's. I realise this is a tall order but I would like to return the pictures to the owner unfortunately the only clues I have are in the first picture below. There are several pictures of this guy and in this particular picture I can make out 'Montrail Ultra Running Team' written across the front of his top. I've Googled 'Montrail Ultra Running Team' and visited a few of the links but they haven't really been a lot of help although on one site I found a picture of a guy by the name of Steve Reifenstuhl who sort of looks similar to the guy in the picture also his surname could resemble the one on the wrist band the guy in the picture is wearing but that could just be wishful thinking on my part. Anyway if anyone knows this guy or has any ideas how I might get in touch with him, or even put me on to somene who can help it would be great to hear from you, either leave me a comment or email me, my address is in my profile.

Does anyone recognise either of these two people?
(Click the pics for a better look).



Jeanette said...

Gday Bob.. ive been a bit slow getting here ive been feeling a bit under the weather this last week or so, I hope your able to find the owners of camera card someone will be out there looking for there precious holiday shots.. take care Bob, its time to put the kettle on....Jen

Kimmie said...

Hi Bob;

I will pray...

We thank you that you are a BIG God and that this photo card isn't going to stump you. Lord, Bob would like to return it to its owner, but he isn't sure how. Lord, I ask for you to come and help him return this. Lord, we give you all the thanks and praise, because we know that you are Worthy. In Jesus' name amen.

mama to 6
one homemade and 5 adopted

Lois said...

Hi Bob,
My husband and I lost our memory card the day before we left El Salvador, which was the biggest trip of our life. I was really devastated so when our friends found it and sent it all the way back to Canada I was most greatful. I hope you find the rightful owner.