Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Our Morning Walk.

Warm and sunny but with a
cooler breeze than of late.
Max 18C
Min 3C

I’m just going to have a few words with you and then I will leave you with some pics I took this morning.First of all, as most of you guessed it was the bosses dogs who have torn up the pond liner. Its quite annoying that they do these things, not that I blame the dogs. We have three dogs in our small garden and they do no damage whatsoever even though they are left to run free all day unsupervised when the weather is nice so there is no reason for the bosses dogs to be the way they are, especially considering how much space they have to enjoy. The annoying thing is nobody is bothered, its always just one of those things, but it isn’t just one of those things, they don’t have to do it and my dogs are proof of that.The second things is, I want to thank you all for your advice on the passport thing, well Jeanette and Rowan anyway. By the way Rowan, the doctor would be a good person to countersign it, the only trouble for me is that I’ve not seen my doctor since I was 14. I did see a doctor in 2004 but it was a stand in doctor and she just sent me straight to the hospital. Oh I just thought of someone, I could go to the vet where I used to live. Anyway it doesn’t matter now as I have this teacher friend so hopefully everything will be okay.I will leave you now with some pics me and Tippy took for you this morning during our morning walk, I hope you enjoy.


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